My NEON Customize offers neon LED signs for both indoor and outdoor use. In the "Area of application" selection field in our online configurator, please enter the area in which the LED lighting is to be used or installed. Please note that the outdoor version offered in our online configurator is only suitable for temporary outdoor use. If you are looking for a neon sign / outdoor lighting that is 100% exposed to the weather (sun, rain, snow, etc.), please contact our Customer Service.


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In our online configurator, you can directly design a neon lamp according to your ideas, which is suitable for indoor use. Of course, if you want us to turn your logo or own design into a neon sign, send us a request directly and we will create a free simulation and a no obligation quote for you.


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Here we have to distinguish between two different outdoor variants. One of our outdoor variants (which is offered in our online configurator) is only suitable for temporary outdoor use. You are welcome to design a neon lamp in this outdoor variant directly via our online configurator.

Another outdoor variant we offer is 100% suitable for permanent outdoor use (Protection class: IP65). If you are interested in this outdoor variant, please contact our customer service directly or send us an inquiry with all details.


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